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  -1996 Nanjing SEU kejin industrial Company Ltd which affiliated with SEU was founded in SEU.Professor Jiang Jianqing held the post of chairman.

  -1997 We has manufactured the first TCD instrument that based on Windows32,and opened up the Windows time of TCD instruments.

  -1998 The commissioner of Jiangsu food and drug administration Mao Jilin inspected Nanjing kejin company.And they fully affirmed the model of the combination of production,study and development.

  -2000 We successfully manufactured the KJ-2 color TCD instrument that based on Windows2000,and it was unique in china in that time.Meanwhile,we obtained the permit the production of medical devices.The Company Restructured and was called“Nanjing kejin industrial company”from then on.

  -2001 The KJ-2000X portable B ultrasonic diagnostic instrument was successfully manufactured in SEU,and soon put into production in Nanjing kejin industrial company.

  -2004 The company has successfully developed USB interface multi-channel TCD instrument.The production got through the certification in South Korea,and was allowed to sell.

  -2006 We launched the first TCD instrument which equipped with the functions of vessels auto-search and Speech recognition control.New products had passed the provincial technological assessment.

  -2007 Jiangsu food and drug administration granted families into the company"medical device manufacturing enterprise credit unit designation.Got through the ISO9001:2000+iso13485:2003 international medical equipment quality system authentication.

  -2009 We became the general agent of ultrasonic bone mineral density instrument UBD2002Aof BMT company South Korea in China.We undertook the progeny of the fourth military medical university,and continued the industrialization of the national 863 plan project:EIT brain electrical impedance imaging.

  -2010 The company moved into a national science and technology park-Xuzhuang software industry base,with 2400 square meters of high-grade office building property in the name of our company.We successful produced the first domestic notebook type TCD instrument which was operated from batteries,and obtained the letter patent.

  -2011 The company obtained the produce registration certificate of 22 types TCD instruments,and became the production enterprise that had the most complete specifications of TCD instruments.

  -2013 The Electronic Science and Engineering of Nanjing University signed a training system of graduate students with the company,meanwhile,Nanjing Kejin Branch was rated as high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province.

  -2014 Nanjing Kejin got the ultrasound bone densitometer registration certificate,the company has two major categories of products of independent production capacity.

  -2015 Nanjing Kejin won the honor of Jiangsu province science and technology small and medium enterprises.

  -2016 In June the company was awarded the private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province;in September,OSTEO KJ3000 selected"2016 Nanjing biomedical new products first purchase directory";In October through high-tech enterprises again.

  -2017 Nanjing Kejin has produced the Radius/Tibia Ultrasound bone sonometer successfully.